Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potatoes


So, as you can see it has been about 6 months since my last post. Shoot me, I had a baby and I've been just a tiny bit busy. Aside from being busy, I have to admit that I have not been the best with my diet, thus why I have had nothing to post. By the time I get the baby to bed, I have no motivation to whip up some extravagant dinner, so it's always meat and veggies, no frills.

So.... I am going to try to make a new recipe each week and post it here. Key word, *TRY*. We just started the "Helen Challenge" at CFSC and I want to be excited about eating Paleo again, and I want to share what I know and love with my fellow Helen Challengers. So, here is one phenomenal side dish that does not taste healthy, it is amazing!

Here is what you'll need:

(depending on your servings, I had 4 people to feed)
4 small sweet potatoes
1/2 lb bacon

Preheat the oven to 400. Cut the sweet potatoes into 1" fries. Cut the bacon in half, lengthwise. Simply wrap one piece of bacon around about 3 of the sweet pot fries and place on a cookie sheet. I lined my cookie sheet with aluminum foil for easier clean up. Once all the sweet pots are rolled up, put them in the oven, middle rack for about an hour, flipping them over when they have been cooking for 30 minutes. Once they have been in the oven for an hour, switch the oven to broil, on high, and move the cookie sheet up one rack (about 6-8" from the flame). Broil those puppies for about 10 minutes, keeping your eye on them so they do not burn.

That's it, enjoy!

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  1. Trying this tonight! I smell the bacon cooking and it's making my tummy rumble